Online Banking FAQ

Which accounts can be accessed?

When registering, you can tell us which accounts you wish to access via Online Banking. You may add or delete accounts shown by simply filling out a change-order form with a new account representative.

What do I need to have this service?
  • A FCNB checking or savings account
  • Internet Access
  • Secure Browser: Netscape Navigator 3.0 and above or Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and above. The browser must support 128 bit SSL encryption.
  • Online Banking ID: The customer must complete an Electronic Banking Form and agree to the FCNB Online Banking Rules. A User Name and temporary Password will be assigned and e-mailed to you.
How can I track my transactions?

A confirmation number will be provided for each successfully completed transaction. You should record this confirmation number until your transaction is confirmed using your normal account statement.

What about security?

FCNB only accepts log-ins originating from a browser that supports a high level of encryption (128-bit). Encryption prevents transactions from being "read" by unauthorized parties over the Internet. Three consecutive invalid User Name and Password attempts will result in "account lockout" and a suspect report is automatically generated. Also, users will be logged off after a period of inactivity during any session. FCNB will never ask for, or provide, any account numbers, passwords or social security numbers over the Internet.

Can I access account information belonging to family members?

If you have an account held jointly, each person will be able to access the information on that account by registering for their own User Name and Password. Joint account holders must fill out separate registration forms.

What do I need to do the first time I log on?

Go to and enter your 12-digit User ID number in the User Name box and the initial password assigned to you by FCNB. Once you have entered the system successfully, you will be required to change your original Password. You may also create a new User Name to replace the 12-digit User ID. Your User Name may consist of any combination of letters and numbers and must be between 1 and 12 characters in length.

Can I change my User Name and Password?

Your User Name and Password can be changed at any time by clicking on the "Options" tab of Online Banking.

Do I use the same User Name and Password for Online Bill Pay?

Your User Name and Password will be the same for Online Banking and Online Bill Pay. You will need to sign your accounts up for Online Bill Pay by completing an Electronic Banking Form.

What if I forget my User Name and Password?

Contact your local FCNB Financial Center via e-mail, phone or in person and request that your User Name and Password be reset. Numbers will be reset to the original User ID number (12-digit number) and the Password e-mailed to you when you signed up for Online Banking. When you register for Online Banking, you will be asked to submit a secret password. You may use this secret word/phrase to confirm your identity with FCNB over the phone or e-mail when you report a forgotten User Name and Password, or if you find you have been locked out.

You can also set up your account to automatically "Reset Your Password". To register for this service, log on to Online Banking, select the "Options" tab and complete the "Password Reset Question" and the "Password Reset Answer", then click "Submit". When you forget your password, you can click "Reset Password" at the log in screen and answer the question. This will e-mail you a link to the e-mail address on file. Once you receive the e-mail, click the enclosed link, enter your user name and your temporary password - the last four digits of your Social Security number. You will then be asked to change your password.

What does it mean when the customer's computer says they are "locked out"?

This means that an incorrect User Name and Password has been used three times and for security reasons, are locked out. You may contact your FCNB Financial Center via e-mail, phone or in person to unlock your account. You can also use the "Reset Password" feature.